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Hi, I am Dr. Jenny.

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You are probably here because you are looking for a way to treat symptoms that are interfering with your enjoyment of life.

Let me help you reclaim your health and vitality!

I offer custom health programs that are designed specifically for you and your needs.

Achieve optimum health at any age with your custom designed health transformation package.

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Reclaim your Health and Vitality

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

Fatigue, problems concentrating, digestive issues, weight gain, emotional pain, poor sleep?

These are just some symptoms of what I call a  state of sub-clinical health. 

Health is more than the absence of illness.  Your body is designed for total wellness and vitality throughout your life.

Being healthy is a balance of physical, mental and social well-being. Suffering from fatigue, poor sleep, brain fog is not normal. 

You deserve to feel good again.

To help you reclaim your health and vitality an integrative and preventative approach to health is needed. This involves uncovering the complex interplay of biological, behavioral, and environmental influencing your health.

The body and mind operate as a whole system. sometimes seemingly unrelated causes in one area of the system are creating symptoms in an other area.

For example, we may find the combination of poor digestion, environmental toxins and dysfunctional circadian rhythm are causing symptoms of brain fog, and overwhelm, which is then mislabeled as age-related cognitive decline or depression.

My aim is to provide you with the support, experience, and guidance necessary to help you achieve your absolute best mental and physical shape and maintain it.


Transforming your health starts with a conversation

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Getting you on the right track

The first step is understand that your current health is the combination of many factors. A one-size fits all approach or single label is rarely helpful.

My job is to complete  thorough detective work to identify the root cause of your symptoms. 

I then design personalized strategies  that to go beyond reduction of symptoms to create the foundation of lifelong well-being.

My aim is to provide you with the support, experience, and guidance necessary to help you achieve your absolute best mental and physical shape and maintain it.

If you are ready to take responsibility for your health and well-being then together we will get you back on your a game!

Let's move beyond treating your symptoms to optimum health.

Client Centered

You are unique and your needs are unique.

By listening to you, and carefully examining all influences on your health, the root cause of symptoms can be identified and resolved. 

From here we can develop a comprehensive plan for optimal wellness exclusive to you.


Ethics and evidence-based research are core values of drjennyhealth. 

I offer you a customized health plan with the emphasis on natural solutions backed by scientific research.

All recommendations and techniques are selected on the basis of their scientifically proven safety and effectiveness.


To reach your goals you will need to make significant, and sometimes challenging, lifestyle changes. 

I am here to support and motivate you on your journey to optimal health.

I offer time, empathy and science-based strategies personalized to your needs.

Conditions I can help with

Problems with Digestion

Mood and Brain


At Dr JennyHealth I offer you support for a wide range of sub- clinical health conditions. I understand many medical institutes often don’t take conditions such as fatigue, digestive imbalances, or brain fog seriously.  You may feel your symptoms are dismissed by your GP as trivial.

Or, you may be offered a prescription, which will never get to the root cause of the problem.

Unfortunately, the current medical model is biased towards treating disease and illness rather than prevention and optimizing health.

I take your symptoms seriously, no matter how vague. I encourage you to trust in yourself and be your own health advocate.  

YOU are the expert in what is normal and right for your body and health.   You deserve to live in a state of total health and wellbeing.

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