Men's health issues that I can help with:

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Find YOUR optimal health plan

As we age our biological systems face increased challenges.

Often we slide into habits and lifestyle routines that prevent us from feeling as healthy, clear-minded and energetic as we should.

I can help you to refocus and regain energy, clarity of thought and more…

You know deep inside there are no “magic cures“ or “one-size fits all“ shortcuts to wellness.

Why waste your valuable time on fad products and inconsistent information?
I offer custom consultation to guide YOU on your path to wellness.
No selling you what you don’t need. No cookie-cutter generic advice.

I am dedicated to sourcing everything you need to gain mental focus, stay healthy and be your best self.

Go beyond treating symptoms

Health is more than the absence of illness. 

Being healthy is a synthesis of physical, mental and social well-being.

Experiencing symptoms of fatigue, poor sleep, brain fog is a state of sub-health. You deserve more.

I believe your body is designed for total wellness and vitality throughout your life.

To achieve this an integrative and preventative approach to health is required. This involves uncovering the complex interplay of biological, behavioral, and environmental influencing your health.

The body and mind operate as a whole system. Sometimes seemingly unrelated causes in one area of the system are creating symptoms in an other area. For example, we may find the combination of poor digestion, environmental toxins and dysfunctional circadian rhythm are causing symptoms of brain fog, and anxiousness, which is then mislabeled as age-related cognitive decline.


man jogging

After completing thorough detective work to identify the root cause, personalized strategies can be designed that to go beyond reduction of symptoms to lifelong well-being.

My aim is to provide you with the support, experience, and guidance necessary to help you achieve your absolute best mental and physical shape and maintain it.

Custom Consultation

It’s all about you!  Your goals. what you need to help you feel your best. 

I passionately believe there is no such thing as a one-size fits all approach to wellbeing. Your needs, challenges, and lifestyle habits are unique.

In this 60-minute consultation we will assess your goals, and create a personalized roadmap to health.  Together we will find and remove blocks to your optimum wellness.

The consultation with Dr. Jenny includes:

  • 60-minute telephone consultation to learn about your health and wellness needs.
  • Professional recommendations for achieving your goals and optimizing your wellness.
  • Exclusive access to high quality, scientifically developed medinutritionals appropriate for YOUR needs.
  • Reductions and discounts on products that fit your needs.
  • Free Gifts and Specials just for you!
  • email follow-up

Stop your wasting time and money on fads.

Invest wisely in your wellness.

Take your first step to feeling fantastic and order your online consultation at your convenience with Dr. Jenny.

Follow-up Consultation: Keeping on Track

Sometimes we just need a little bit more support.

This 45-minute consultation is offered to existing clients on an “as YOU need it” basis.

Sometimes things in life happen and  good intentions slide. If you feel you are off track, need more support, or want to review your wellness goals, we will work together to help you get back on track and achieve your goals.

The 45-minute consultation OR one hour email consultation with Dr. Jenny includes:

  • A full review of your progress so far
  • Identifying the blocks to success and developing an action plan to help you achieve your goals
  • A modification to your original action plan if necessary.
  • All of the benefits from your initial consultation.
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